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Simon Golden Mountains Group Inc. (formerly Lucky Mountain Trading). We have been in the scrap metal business for since 1986. We have a good reputation in the west coast, especially in Los Angeles.

We buy, sell, and broker all kinds of copper-based and aluminum-based non-ferrous metals. As a California Redemption Center certified by the State of California, we also provide public service for beverage container recycling, such as Aluminum Can, Plastic Beverage, Glass Beverage Bottles, and Scrap Plastics. SGM is an aggressive company specializing in the recycling and reclaiming of non-ferrous scrap metals. Our main activity is acting as a link between the two biggest global markets in non-ferrous scrap. We distribute our materials to the producers of semi-finished and finished products in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Monthly, we process more than forty containers worldwide. Furthermore, we offer an alternative solution to the growing problems of waste products in the industrialized countries, by giving them new value as marketable products. SGM considers the quality of products to be paramount and therefore we send all materials through a rigorous four points inspection process prior to shipment. Its dynamic , multicultural, and ultra-professional team can offer you a range of customized services. Our ideas are always tailored to your needs and your requests, and their flexibility and quick action are miles ahead of our boldest competitors.

Our long experience and professionalism in this area enable us to operate in an atmosphere of trust, the first requirement for doing business with our various partners in every country. Our president, Mr. Simon, has accumulated nearly 40 years experience in the scrap metal industry. SGM has also been a member of Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). Our business is growing and we look forward to having a long-term business relationship with you.

In this decade, SGM Group will follow its overall developing strategy of “Innovating, Adjustment, Reorganizing and Reconstructing”, with the aim of “Promoting Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness, Standardized Managing Procedure, and Developing Both Company and Employees, to further deepen its reform and structure adjusting, accelerate its development, and to make this company to be a modern enterprise equipped with international competitive capacity.”


 To provide our customers with quality products as rapidly as possible

 To offer our suppliers the best price and appropriate terms of payment

 To consolidate and maintain our position in the non-ferrous metals market

 To establish long term partnerships based on mutual trust

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